Photo Gallery - Help

This page is intended to give you some help in using the photo gallery. Of course, if you get stuck, just ask for help and I'll alway do my best to assist. Once you get used to it I hope you'll find the gallery quite straightforward to us. Please feel free to put on there what photos you like, so we can all share them and enjoy seeing what different members of the family are doing.

If I have made any mistakes in these instructions, or missed anything out, please let me know!

Please experiment! You won't do any harm. These instructions are not comprehensive, and I haven't explored all the capabilities of the Gallery package (I only installed it and made it available). If you find something new which could be useful to other people, please let me know and we can add it to the instructions.

Creating Albums

When I set you up as a user on the gallery I shall also create a main album for you on the front page of the gallery. I shall call this "Fred's collection" (if your name is Fred) or something like that. If you want to change the name, just click on the words "edit title" next to the name, and call it what you like.

You can create as many sub-albums within your main album as you wish. You may like to create one called "Christmas 2006" and another one called "Our House" or even one for your next-door-neighbour's goldfish - it's up to you. To create a sub-album:

Adding Photographs to your Album

Other Useful Album Actions

You may also choose the other options from the drop-down menu to change the album:

Adjusting Photos

You can change the appearance of your photos by using the routines available in the drop-down menus. These include






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